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#WhereDoYouGoinYourCOCOs PT. 1: ROAD BACK TO RIO

#WhereDoYouGoinYourCOCOs PT. 1: ROAD BACK TO RIO
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Um Mundo Novo - A New World

As the world's elite athletes look forward to beginning their Olympic journeys today in Rio, we are reflecting on the beginning of our very own journey that started there. 

Lured by the luxurious fabrics and cultural fashion trends, we embarked on an adventure in Brazil two years ago in search of inspiration to create a top quality athleisure brand that would cater to women everywhere. We emerged with the line you now know as COCO on the go, a collection of luxury leggings that compliment womens' beauty and seek to facilitate the many goals they set out to accomplish each day.

Brazil was a beautiful place filled with rich culture, lush scenery, and people so full of life. We were inspired by the vitality the country exuded and sought to portray that same sense of energy and strength into our designs.

Our product has evolved a great deal from that initial trip to Rio. We've tested materials and designed patterns, as well as collected valuable feedback from women like you who are on the go each day seeking quality comfort and style in the clothing that you choose to wear from one day to the next.

Brazil also infused a sense of adventure into the DNA of our brand. Our main mantra has been "Where do you go in your COCOs" because we want our product to inspire you to set goals and experience new and exciting things. Fusing adventure with luxury is at the core of our brand and we believe that you should be able to conquer any new adventure while looking and feeling your best!

So while Brazil celebrates the world's Olympians over the next few weeks, we continue to celebrate you and the goals you achieve each and every day. 






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